Monday, 12 April 2010

INET conference 2 and Korg X-911

Well it's not every day you get to meet George Soros.

I have Mr Soros and the Institute of New Economic Thinking to thank for two magnificent conference dinners and 56 presentations by economists and other thinkers of the highest calibre.

During some of the less interesting moments on the first day I sketched out some mods for the Yamaha CS01, which is a synthesizer I have still yet to obtain so I will try them out when I have one. During idle moments on the second day I sketched out some mods for the Korg X-911 and tried them out the next day. Unfortunately they didn't work.

I'm not entirely sure why they didn't work, but it seems to have something to do with the X-911's original purpose as a guitar synthesizer rather than a keyboard based synthesizer. None of the presets have release settings above zero, which is what I was trying to change. I'm going to try a similar mod on the Korg Sigma along with increasing the range of the Synthe VCO detune knob, and hopefully confirm that the basic idea does work, before returning to study the X-911 in some depth.


George Ludwig said...


I just purchased Korg X-911, I should receive it int he next couple of days. Do please post any updates you have on the status of your mods.

Also, if you're not using a guitar to trigger it, are you using a MIDI to CV converter?



Richard Atkinson said...

Hi George,

At the moment I'm using my Sigma!

The two have very similar architectures (although with some important differences) and I originally bought my X-911 to act as a third oscillator for the Sigma, to turn it from a two oscillator synth into a three oscillator synth.

But of course it also works perfectly well as a one oscillator module, with three discrete KORG35 style filters, three fixed filters and one LM13600 OTA based filter. Its biggest failing as a standalone CV controlled device is the lack of any form of modulation oscillator.